About Cat

IMG_3933After suffering with scoliosis since the age of 14 and having a physically demanding job as a camera assistant, my spine and pelvis suffered greatly.

I turned to Pilates after the birth of my children and quickly felt and saw the benefits it gave me.

Shortly after, I took the plunge and enrolled with The Body Control Pilates Matwork programme.  I was lucky to be mentored by some of the best Pilates teachers in the business and have since qualified as a Level 3 Matwork Pilates Teacher.

In my classes I like to help each person understand their individual strength and limitations, as well as focus on the importance of the eight principles of Pilates.

I continue to train and develop my Pilates knowledge and qualifications through workshops, research and courses.

I have completed the following courses and workshops:

  • Body Control Pilates Level 3 Basic Matwork
  • Matwork Evolution
  • Psoas, Clever Guy of the Pelvis
  • Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work with St Johns Ambulance
  • Pilates with the Band
  • Precision of Movement
  • Standing Pilates
  • Small Ball and Toning Circle
  • Pelvic Floor in Pilates
  • Intermediate Matwork
  • Pilates for Golfers
  • Pilates for Runners
  • Pilates for Performance
  • Pilates for Children Foundation
  • Pilates for Children 5-11 years
  • Pilates for Children Adolescent 12-16 Years
  • Pilates for Breast Cancer
  • Pilates on the Big Ball

I am a member of the Body Control Pilates Association and Academy and The Society for the Pilates Method

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