Class Descriptions


These focus on the clients specific needs. This can be useful after injury or before or after sporting events. These personalised sessions can help you reach your goal quicker.

They can include the use of small equipment such as, weights, rings, foam rollers, bosu’s, bands, over balls and gym balls.


These can be at beginner, mixed ability or intermediate levels.

All will cover the fundamentals of Pilates, including:

  • Techniques of Breathing
  • Learning how to connect your Centre
  • Understanding correct Alignment
  • Understanding Stability and Mobility of Joints
  • Introducing or continuing flowing movements


Used in group classes, private sessions and garden studio small classes.

The edition of using small equipment such as the Pilates Ring, Foam Roller, Over Ball, Hand Weights, Bands can take your practise to the next level by aiding joint mobility and developing muscle strength. They are also compact and relatively cheap to keep at home for extra practice.

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